Your Uninstaller PRO 7.5 Plus Serial Number

Your Uninstaller PRO 7.5 Plus Serial Number

Seperti halnya Revo Uninstaller Your Uninstaller PRO merupakan aplikasi uninstaller ringan dan terbaik dalam membersihkan sisa file dari program maupun registry komputer Anda secara tuntas, tanpa meninggalkan sampah.Cara menggunakannyapun sangat mudah, Anda pilih software yang akan di hapus dari PC lalu pilih Uninstall di pojok kiri.


Here are some key features of "Your Uninstaller! PRO":

    - Remove programs that could not be removed by Add/Remove Program.
    - Advanced Uninstall mode to fix Microsoft Installer problems.
    - System wide scan for unused files and registry keys after normal uninstall.
    - Hunter mode uninstall, hunts the programs and kill/uninstall/delete them.
    - Groups installed applications with various groups.
    - Never uninstall "must have" applications. (options)
    - Shows all applications installed on your computer with different views.
    - Uninstalls screen savers.
    - Built-in Disk Cleaner helps you find and remove unnecessary files on your disk to save space and make computer faster!
    - Built-in Trace Eraser removes surfing traces so no one knows your hobby.
    - Built-in IE Context Menu Cleaner cleans the context menu of Internet Explorer.
    - Built-in take full control of Window startups.
    - Built-in helps you keep your Start Menu clean.
    - Backup and restore installed-applications.
    - Powerful "Type and Go" search feature allows you quickly find the program you are about to uninstall.
    - Detect invalid installations and remove them with one click.
    - Force removal of uninstall related entries in the registry(care to use!).
    - Quickload mode loads programs extremely fast.
    - Give detailed report about any installed applications.
    - Export programs list to file or printer.


    - 800x600 screen resolution with 256 colors
    - 30 MB free disk space
    - 133 MHz Intel Pentium or AMD K5 processor
    - 64 MB RAM
    - Internet access

Your Uninstaller PRO 7.5 Plus Serial Number